Monday, June 15, 2015

15 June 2015

The Deputy Prime Minister, Baha’a Al-A’araji today visited the eastern Husayba area east of Ramadi where he observed the latest preparations for the launch of a broad military operation to liberate Ramadi. The Deputy PM was accompanied by a large number of commanders and parliamentary Deputies involved in overseeing the security situation throughout Iraq. The visit coincided with the arrival of new military equipment in Anbar. All of the security forces’ commanders had previously confirmed that preparations are in full swing for the impending military operation in Ramadi.
Meanwhile, security forces have launched a number of limited military operations all around the outskirts of the city. Iraqi air support and Coalition warplanes have also attacked a number of ISIL positions in central Ramadi. Eleven gunmen are reported to have been killed. Meanwhile ISIL have set up large video screens in Ramadi’s public areas, to show footage of the victories they have achieved over the past 18 months in Iraq. ISIL has also continued to forbid families from leaving the city. All of the roads around Ramadi have been mined and booby-trapped, to thwart the advance of security forces.

Coalition warplanes today launched air strikes against targets in Baghdadi, Kubaisa, and Saqlawiya.

In Baghdadi township, ISIL gunmen have attacked the Jubba area in the township’s southwestern sector. The attackers used a number of explosives-rigged vehicles and mortar bombardment in their assault on the areas controlled by security forces. The attack was repelled by security forces, Iraqi air support, and Coalition air strikes.

In and around Garma, fierce fighting is continuing, with security forces now in control of the surrounding areas and the areas separating Anbar from Salahuddin Province. Families have begun to return to Garma’s liberated districts while fighting is continuing for the control of the town’s center.

In Fallujah, reports are still emerging regarding an imminent all-out assault on the city, while the ISIL gunmen within the city have been preventing civilian families from leaving the city. Some residential districts have been hit by mortar fire, killing 2 residents and wounding 6. 

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