Wednesday, June 3, 2015

03 June 2015

Ramadi city perimeter is still fully surrounded; there were clashes today on more than one front: in the city’s southern sector security forces are slowly advancing into the southern districts.
There were also clashes in Ramadi’s eastern and northern sectors since early this morning.
Within the city, ISIL has been still holding and shutting down the Ramadi Barrage to the west of the city, resulting in a major drop  in the water level in the Euphrates. Anbar officials are warning that ISIL’s continued closure of the barrage will adversely affect the water reaching eastern Anbar and on toward the southern Iraqi provinces.
Meanwhile, clashes, bombardments and Iraqi and coalition air strikes are continuing in the areas east of Ramadi and on into the central districts of the city.
ISIL is continuing its pressures on the youth in the areas they hold to join their ranks in fighting against the security forces.

Security sources are reporting fierce clashes in the areas between Samarra city and the Tharthar areas in southwestern Anbar. Security forces are advancing to take control of the Tharthar Barrage.

In Fallujah, 5 residents were killed and 7 wounded by the continuing random bombardment exchanges between security forces along the city’s perimeter and the ISIL gunmen holding the city.

A number of districts in Garma have been bombarded and clashes are continuing in the Sheeha and Subayhat areas.

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