Tuesday, June 16, 2015

16 June 2015

In Amiriyat al-Fallujah, ISIL gunmen fired at least 25 Katyusha rockets at residential districts within the town. So far, reports say that 3 local police personnel were killed and 5 civilians were wounded by the bombardment. Security forces barracks on the outskirts of the township were also hit. A curfew has been declared in the southwestern sector of the township where fierce clashes are now underway.

In Ramadi, security forces are reported to be advancing from all four directions, in preparation for the broad military campaign aimed at re-taking control of the city that has been held by ISIL for over a month.

In Hit township, security forces announced this morning that the ISIL ‘Wali’ of Hit, a Saudi national known as Abu Talha, was killed by silenced weapons at 03:00 this morning in the town center. This is the first time that a leading ISIL commander has been killed in Hit that is still under ISIL control.

In Baghdadi and Haditha, clashes have continued in the southern and southwestern areas of Baghdadi township. Iraqi air support has struck a number of positions, particularly along the Euphrates in the Jubba area. Security forces have reported that 11 gunmen were killed in the strikes.
Food aid has arrived today in the Baghdadi and Haditha townships, just prior to the start of Ramadan.

In Fallujah, casualty reports show that 4 residents were killed and 9 wounded by the ongoing random bombardment exchanges.

In Garma, security forces are still engaged in the fighting to take control of the town center. 

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