Monday, June 1, 2015

01 June 2015

In the Tharthar area north of Fallujah, an explosives-rigged armored vehicle driven by an ISIL gunman who  drove it up to the HQ of the 3rd Division before detonating his cargo and himself, killing and wounding dozens of security personnel, especially Federal Police personnel at the location.
Meanwhile, Iraqi and coalition warplanes launched heavy strikes on the Tharthar and surrounding areas

In Ramadi, security forces clashed with ISIL gunmen in the city’s southern sector and on toward westernmost Ramadi. Security forces have also penetrated deep into the areas east of Ramadi where reports indicate that heavy military vehicles and artillery pieces have been arriving, as have large numbers of the People’s Mobilization militias. Ramadi has been totally cut off by security forces who are bombarding the city’s central districts.

In Fallujah, for the fourth consecutive day, particularly heavy bombardment exchanges between security forces along the city’s perimeter and the gunmen holding the city has wounded 19 civilian residents, mostly women and children, and killing 11 others.

In Garma township, clashes erupted in the Subayhat area where a booby-trapped home housing 5 ISIL gunmen was blown up.

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