Thursday, June 11, 2015

11 June 2015

In Garma today, security forces have liberated the Jazeera area across the river from the town, after they had disabled more than 150 explosive devices planted by ISIL gunmen and killed a number of them, according to the 1st Division Command.
Iraqi and Coalition warplanes also carried out numerous strikes in the township. Security forces are now 5 km from the town center that is still under ISIL control.

In Ramadi, the eastern sector has been the scene of a military operation during which security forces killed at least 23 gunmen in eastern Husayba.
Security forces are now closing in on ISIL positions in and around the city center, Iraqi air support has carried out a number of strikes
In various Ramadi districts at least 45 gunmen have been killed by the strikes in which Coalition warplanes also took part, in the Bu-Farraj, Andalus, and Hawz districts along the outskirts of the city.

Meanwhile ISIL gunmen have prevented many families from leaving Ramadi; the gunmen have been using them as human shields to thwart the security forces’ advance.

Meanwhile, families have begun to leave Fallujah, following confirmed reports that security forces, People’s Mobilization militiamen, and tribal fighters are preparing for an assault on the city. Here, too, ISIL gunmen have prevented some of the families from leaving, after security forces had bombarded a large number of ISIL positions, particularly in the city’s industrial zone that has been used by ISIL to booby-trap vehicles and to manufacture explosive devices.

In western Anbar, security forces are engaged in an operation across the river from Ramadi where they have killed at least 11 gunmen.

The humanitarian situation at the Bzabiz and Amiriyat al-Fallujah encampments remains unchanged but becoming more desperate because of the rise in temperatures.

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