Sunday, June 14, 2015

14 June 2015

In Baghdadi today, ISIL gunmen have assaulted a number of military barracks on the southwestern edges of the town, using 4 explosives-rigged vehicles, two of which were blown up by security forces before they reached their targets. Fierce clashes ensued, also involving Iraqi air support that struck several ISIL positions. The security situation in the area is one of caution, following reports of an imminent ISIL assault on the residential complex from areas across the river from the town.

Security forces, tribal fighters, and People’s Mobilization volunteers are engaged in fierce clashes in and around Garma, following the success of the joint forces in taking control of most of the areas between Garma and the Salahuddin - Samarra boundary.
The Defense Minister visited the liberated areas in Garma township where he undertook to provide the tribal forces with the weapons they need to hold the ground.

In Ramadi, the city is still fully blockaded amid reports of an impending military operation within the coming days, following the reinforcing and re-arming of the security forces around the city.

Iraqi and Coalition aircraft have carried out strikes in the Bu-Farraj area and on towards Shjariya, as well as the industrial and central districts of Ramadi. Casualty figures are not yet known.

In Fallujah, the General Hospital reported today that 3 residents were killed and 9 wounded by the ongoing indiscriminate bombardment exchanges into and out of the city.

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