Monday, December 1, 2014

01 December 2014

ISIL gunmen have carried out attacks on a military barracks at the Al-Waleed border crossing with Syria. It is probably the last position that has not been captured by ISIL. Sixteen military personnel have been killed in the attack, including one officer. The position is part of the Rutba township that has beeen uder ISIL control for nearly six months. Iraqi and coalition aircraft have launched airstrikes on the area bordering both Syria and Jordan, targeting the gunmen's positions, with 31 gunmen reported killed.

In Ramadi, security forces announced today that ISIL gunmen have today launched a major surprise attack on three fronts: the first, in the northwestern sector, in an attempt by the gunmen to seize control of the Abu Risha area, but were repelled by tribal fighters who killed 3 of the gunmen; the second attack was on the southern sector in the Hawz district where previous clashes are still ongoing; the third attack was in the eastern sector in the areas along the Euphrates, but the security forces engaged the gunmen in fierce clashes and were able to spread their control and clear the roadside explosive devices on both banks of the river.

In Fallujah, gunfire and bombardment exchanges are continuing, with residential districts being hit indiscriminately. The city's General Hospital has reported that 4 residents have been killed and 11 wounded.

There were also clashes to the east in the areas along the boundary with Salahuddin Province. Coalition warplanes have been involved there but we do not yet have any details. The overall situation indicates an escalation by the security forces trying to recover control of those areas,

In Hit, security forces are still controlling the town's perimeter areas, while families are still evacuating the town following the previously announced intention to launch a major security operation supported by tribal forces, in order to liberate Hit town.

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