Tuesday, December 30, 2014

30 December 2014

In Haditha, ISIL has launched its fifth consecutive attempt to penetrate into the town, but once again the fierce resistance by security forces has turned back the gunmen. In a phone contact the township's municipal leader has confirmed that security forces and tribal forces have thwarted the three-pronged attack: firstly, from the south across the river; the second, from the western areas of Haqlaniya and Birwana; in the third, clashes took place close to the Haditha Dam which ISIL gunmen have been trying to capture for five days, but coalition warplanes intervened, killing 33 of the gunmen, according to Anbar Operations sources.
The gunmen were able to seize partial control of the village of Alous, about 30 km from Haditha.

In Baghdadi, ISIL forces have cut all the bridges linking the eastern and western sectors of the town, after having seized 14 villages on the town's outskirts. Security sources have reported that coalition airstrikes have struck ISIL targets in the area.

In Fallujah, a medical source has confirmed that, between yesterday and this afternoon, 9 residents have been killed and 18 others wounded by random mortar fire during the continuing bombardment exchanges between the gunmen inside the city and security forces surrounding it. The mortar fire struck many of the city's residential districts, leaving women and children among the casualties. As 2014 draws to a close, there have been more than 5,000 casualties, killed or injured by the continuous bombardments in Fallujah.

In Ramadi, the city's residential districts have been relatively calm. In the rural areas around the city, security forces say that they have re-taken control of about 80% of those areas.

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