Tuesday, December 2, 2014

02 December 2014

The Anbar Council and the Security Command announced today the start of a military operation on three fronts: the first was in the Hawz and surrounding southern districts of Ramadi; the second was in the city's western sector; and the third was in the city's northern sector. Security sources are reporting that the action has broadened the already ongoing operations in these sectors, and have announced that 23 ISIL gunmen have been killed in a security ambush in the Hawz area. On the northeastern front, security forces stated this afternoon that seven groups of gunmen were targeted and that more than 30 gunmen were killed as a result. Army and security forces have established checkpoints and observation posts in the area.

In Fallujah, the clashes and random bombardment exchanges have, according to the General Hospital, killed at least 7 residents, including 2 women, and wounded at least 13 others. 

In Hit township, security forces have reported that their operations, backed up by Iraqi air support have struck the town's Industrial District where ISIL forces have set up a weapons and equipment repair and production workshop. More than 10 gunmen were killed in the air raids. Meanwhile, forces are still massed around the town where all the surrounding villages have been liberated.

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