Wednesday, December 3, 2014

03 December 2014

In Kubaysa, at the southernmost part of Hit, coalition warplanes today targeted an ISIL convoy consisting of five vehicles and a fuel tanker. Sources say that at least 45 ISIL gunmen were killed in the raids. Following the raids, there were clashes around the town that is still partially controlled by security forces.

In Ramadi, the three-pronged security operation is ongoing in the western, southern, and northern sectors of the city. Security forces announced today that they have seized control of large areas of those areas, killing at least 56 gunmen, mostly on the northern front.

In Hit, Sheikh Na'eem Gu'oud of the Bu-Nimr clan threatened today that his clan would cease fighting ISIL if the central government in Baghdad does not provide assistance, particularly military assistance, to his tribesmen who have been fighting ISIL for nearly two months.

In Fallujah, an intensification of the clashes and random bombardment exchanges has killed or wounded at least 14 residents.

The areas east of Fallujah along the boundary with Salahuddin Province have been the scene of intermittent clashes. Security sources are saying that the clashes are still continuing.

In Haditha and Baghdadi, final preparations are underway to arm and prepare the tribal volunteer fighters at Ayn Al-Asad military base for the major operation aimed at liberating the whole area around the towns.

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