Thursday, December 4, 2014

04 December 2014

In Ramadi today, ISIL launched an attack on the southern sector, including the Fast Response Brigade Base in Hawz; security forces supported by tribal fighters repelled the attack but a number of security personnel were wounded, while 8 ISIL gunmen were killed. The clashes spread into other southern districts, but security sources say that they have re-established their control of the area, as Iraqi air support struck ISIL targets, killing at least 13 gunmen, according to the Anbar Command. Some ISIL vehicles and field equipment were also seized.

In the Tharthar area, security forces have been able to retake control of the highway to Baghdad.

In Fallujah, 6 mortar rounds today struck the General Hospital complex; there were no casualties but several hospital buildings were damaged.

In Hit, there are now massive troop concentrations around the town's perimeter, and reports indicate that the major military campaign is on the verge of being launched.

A source at the Anbar Council confirmed today that Iranian warplanes have attacked a number of ISIL positions in the eastern part of the Province.

The Council also affirmed today that Council members and a large number of tribal leaders will travel to Washington, D.C. within the next few days to meet U.S. military leaders and government officials. Among the matters to be agreed upon is the formation of a 'tributary' army consisting of more than 50,000 Anbar volunteers who will combat ISIL following the liberation of Anbar. Some 'Awakenings' leaders have been opposed to the creation of an independent Anbar army, similar to the Peshmarga forces in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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