Monday, December 22, 2014

22 December 2014

ISIL tried once again today to seize Baghdadi, including the Ayn Al-Asad Base. The attack was launched from the west, but coalition warplanes, security forces, and tribal fighters were able to repel the attack, killing at least 13 of the ISIL gunmen.
In a simultaneous attack from the north and northeast, clashes are ongoing, including mortar attacks on some of the town's residential districts. Four civilians have been wounded and there has been significant structural damage.

In Haditha, there was also an ISIL attempt to penetrate into the town. A suicide bomber was killed as he tried to drive his booby-trapped vehicle into the town from the southwest.

In Hit, ISIL gunmen are still in control of the town. Security forces on the town's perimeter tried to assault the town from the south; there were clashes in the area, and coalition warplanes struck some of the gunmen's positions in the area. Security sources say that at least 33 gunmen were killed.

In Ramadi, the city has been relatively calm today, except for the ongoing clashes in its southern sector. There were also fierce battles in the rural areas to the north, as gunmen tried to once again re-take areas that have recently been liberated by security forces. In western Ramadi, it was announced today that the ISIL commander there, Abu Abdullah Al-Saddawi, has been killed.

In Fallujah, 4 residents were killed and 11 were wounded yesterday by the ongoing bombardment exchanges between security forces surrounding the city and the ISIL gunmen within it.

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