Thursday, December 25, 2014

25 December 2014

A security source at the Anbar Operations Command announced today that coalition warplanes have carried out a number of sorties and have attacked ISIL positions along the Iraqi-Syrian border. The source reported that at least 35 ISIL gunmen were killed. Military operations are now underway at the Iraqi-Jordanian border crossings, to prevent the gunmen from infiltrating into Iraq via Syrian territory.

In Baghdadi, security forces today launched a major operation aimed at liberating the rural areas across the river from the town. The forces are reported to have advanced and have killed at least 7 gunmen in the area.

In Hit and its surrounding areas, ISIL gunmen attempted today to seize control of the rural areas across the river from Hit (Kubaisa, Al-Dulab, and other riverside areas). Security forces supported by tribal fighters have been able to repel the attack.

In Ramadi, broad military operations have been underway today, with security sources saying that they have liberated large areas of the city, but they are being hampered by rooftop snipers.

In Fallujah, 7 gunmen were killed in a security forces attack at a bridge linking the city to the main Baghdad-Fallujah highway.

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