Tuesday, December 23, 2014

23 December 2014

On the political front, the Anbar Council today elected Suhaib Al-Rawi to be the new Anbar Governor, following an urgent meeting in Baghdad. He received 18 of the 30 votes representing the Anbar Council members. He vowed to be at the forefront of Anbar's defendants. He said that the central government in Baghdad will be approached during the coming week to establish a military force to combat ISIL.

In Baghdadi, ISIL has launched a fourth attack in about ten days on several fronts. The attack involved the use of mobile artillery driven by ISIL gunmen and included many heavy military vehicles. However, the attack was confronted by security forces, coalition warplanes, and tribal fighters. Sources have reported that 33 ISIL gunmen were killed in southwestern Baghdadi.

In Ramadi, the last region in northeastern Ramadi still under the gunmen's control has now been completely secured, with the involvement of army forces.

In Fallujah, 13 residents were killed, including women and children, and 7 were wounded in the continuing bombardment exchanges between yesterday and through today.

Meanwhile, ISIL is still preventing food and fuel supplies from reaching the areas it is blockading.

The Anbar Operations Command announced today that at least 130 new U.S. military advisers have arrived in Anbar at the Ayn Al-Asad military camp in Baghdadi in order to prepare new plans for retaking control of the province.

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