Sunday, November 30, 2014

30 November 2014

The most significant development today has been the security forces' success in clearing and securing the Office of Migration and the Displaced in the southwestern Ramadi district of Hawz. 8 ISIL gunmen were killed in the action. The security forces are now in a position to move into the other districts in the city's southern sector.

Central Ramadi has ben relatively quiet, but Iraqi aircraft ran a number of low-level sorties over the area. Security forces also succeeded in disarming at least 40 explosive devices in the Sufiya area across the Euphrates River. A number of people suspected of having ties with ISIL have been arrested.

In Hit, security forces are still massed around the town, especially on its northern and northwestern areas. The western areas adjacent to the Baghdadi township boundary have now been mostly liberated. The Anbar Operations Command has announced that more than 10,000 tribal volunteers are now receiving training at the Ayn Al-Asad base in preparation for the operation to liberate the whole township.

In Fallujah, clashes and indiscriminate bombardment exchanges are continuing between the ISIL gunmen within the city and the security forces surrounding it. A number of residential districts were hit in the exchanges. One civilian was killed and seven were wounded, but material damage has been severe.

In Garma, clashes are also continuing in most of the town's sectors.

The Anbar Council is still calling for substantial support for the province, particularly following the announcement that the province is now bankrupt.

Meanwhile the townships under ISIL control are still completely blockaded, with nothing being allowed into or out of the areas.

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