Saturday, November 1, 2014

01 November 2014

Q: What are the most prominent developments in the past few hours?

A: In Baghdadi today, ISIL launched an attack on the township, accompanied by mortar and rocket fire aimed at the Jubba area of the central residential district. Five residents were killed and seven were wounded when the incoming fire struck their homes.

In Ramadi, a major military operation has been launched in the western and northeastern sectors of the city. Security sources are reporting that the aim is to liberate the areas across the river from Ramadi.

Q: What is the latest on Hit, following the criminal execution the Bu-Nimr tribesmen?

A: A leading member of the Bu-Nimr tribe, Sheikh Na'eem Gu'ood, announced today that ISIL has executed 62 of his fellow tribesmen today. The execution took place in the Tharthar area, southwest of Ramadi. Another Bu-Nimr tribesman who is also a member of the Iraqi parliament, Faisal Gu'ood, called today on the central and local governments to urgently intervene, as there are further 500 captives, many of them women and children, being held by ISIL.

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