Sunday, November 2, 2014

02 November 2014

In Ramadi today, the security forces have adopted a new style of military operations, especially in the city's western districts. A security sources has announced that security forces moved into the western districts and have taken control of the district that separates the western sector from the city's central districts, killing at least 14 ISIL gunmen.
In the Khalidiya district, there have been fierce clashes since the early hours of this morning, while Iraqi aircraft targeted some positions in the area, causing casualties among the gunmen.
In southwestern Ramadi, security forces say that they have retaken the initiative and have taken control of critical locations in the area.

In Hit, Sheikh Na'eem Gu'ood told us over the phone that ISIL have executed 62 people of the Bu-Nimr tribe, most of whom have been displaced from the central Euphrates region. Their bodies were found in the Tharthar area. Meanwhile there are still 275 Bu-Nimr tribal members missing, having been abducted by ISIL gunmen as hostages from their residential districts.

In Baghdadi, the municipal director, Naji Arrak, stressed today that his township has for 35 days been calling on the central and local governments to provide urgent assistance, but no response has been received. The township is experiencing extremely harsh living conditions - with severe food and fuel shortages -  as a result of the ISIL blockade of the township.

In Fallujah, the situation is relatively calm, but some mortar rounds have struck some of the residential districts, injuring at least 7 civilians.

In Garma, there have been some positive military operations accompanied by airstrikes believed to have been launched by coalition aircraft, especially in the area separating the provinces of Anbar and Salahuddin.

The Anbar Council has warned the central government, while setting a 48-hour deadline, that if it does not intervene and arm the security forces and tribal fighters in Anbar, it would call on coalition forces to intervene in the liberation of the Province.

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