Wednesday, November 26, 2014

26 November 2014

Ramadi has yesterday and today repelled the most violent attack by ISIL. Yesterday they captured and occupied the Education Directorate building, adjacent to the Anbar provincial government complex. They began attacking the complex from that position, until coalition warplanes launched airstrikes against the position, killing at least 9 of the gunmen and enabling the defenders in repelling the attack on the government complex.
In the southern Hawz district which the gunmen overran yesterday, fierce fighting enabled the security and tribal forces to retake the district and to drive the gunmen towards the southern fringes of the city.
In the other southern city districts, violent clashes are still underway.
Security commanders yesterday held an emergency meeting that included the Defense Minister, the Anbar Operations Commander, the interim Governor, and the Council leader, leading to the formation of a 3,000 -man tribal force - mostly composed of the Bu-Fahad and Bu-Alwan clans - in order to support the security forces in Ramadi.

In Hit, a military operation resulted in the killing of the ISIL field commander in Hit township, Sinan Mit'ib, who is believed to be responsible for the execution and killing of more than 500 members of the Bu-Nimr clan. He was targeted by coalition warplanes at his fortified command post in southwestern Hit. Three of his aides were also killed.

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