Monday, November 3, 2014

03 November 2014

In Hit and its environs, there are reports that 36 Bu-Nimr tribesmen have been executed; among the bodies found today are those of 4 women and 6 children. Meanwhile, ISIL have threatened to execute the 275 hostages they are holding - most of whom are from the Bu-Nimr tribe - if the bombardment and airstrikes against their forces continue anywhere in Anbar.

In Baghdadi, an assault on the town by ISIL gunmen was thwarted today; security and tribal forces killed and wounded a number of the gunmen in the area across the Euphrates from the town.
Also today, more than 400 Bu-Nimr families reached Baghdadi township where they are facing harsh living conditions, following the seizure by ISIL of the most important positions in the township.

In Fallujah, some of the city's residential districts have been bombarded today; 3 residents have been killed and at least 11 have been injured as a result.

The situation in Garma is still relatively calm.

In Ramadi, the military operation in the rural area northeast of the city has been continuing since last night. Security forces are saying that they are advancing toward taking full control of the area.

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