Thursday, November 27, 2014

27 November 2014

Since the early hours of this morning, the fiercest clashes to date have been raging in Ramadi, between ISIL gunmen who have seized specific parts of the city's southern sector districts.
Security forces were able today to blow up a tank being driven by the gunmen, and 9 other gunmen were killed.
Security forces have also today secured all the environs of the government complex in central Ramadi. Anbar Operations sources are confirming that the area is under their full control. The Operations Command announced today that 3,000 volunteers have been recruited and will be embedded with the security forces during the coming week.
The Anbar Council called again today for the intensification of coalition and Iraqi airstrikes.

Garma has today been the scene of the fiercest clashes for five months. The fighting was concentrated on both the northern and southern outskirts of the town. The bombardment of ISIL positions in the town has killed 3 ISIL leaders, while at least 11 civilians were also killed; according to eyewitnesses, there are no medical personnel at the Garma hospital.

In Hit, an Anbar Operations source has said that at least 45 ISIL gunmen have been killed by the military campaign launched by security forces supported by Iraqi aircraft in the extreme western sector of the town and around the town's perimeter. Security forces have been advising Hit residents to leave the town in advance of the all-out military operation.

On the humanitarian front, it was announced yesterday that at least 18 displaced children have died   as a result of the hardships being experienced by the migrants who have fled from Hit and southwestern Ramadi.

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