Saturday, November 22, 2014

22 November 2014

ISIL gunmen today launched an attack on an area adjacent to Sufiya, and on an area of Al-Khalidiya. ISIL gunmen also executed 25 members of the Bu-Fahd clan that is still fighting against ISIL. 90% of the Al-Khalidiya area is now under security and tribal control. Nine snipers on the rooftops of some of the areas taller buildings were killed. Fierce clashes are still underway in Sufiya, northeast of Ramadi, that is still under security forces' control.

Sheikh Raf'i Abdul-Kareem, the leader of the the Bu-Fahd confirmed today that the combined tribal and security forces were able to take control of those areas. He called for help and support and for providing more weapons and munitions from the central government's Defense Ministry.

Coalition aircraft today missed their targets in Hit. Their rockets struck a number of homes, killing five residents and wounding 50 others, mostly women and children. There was also a broad security operation in the areas around Hit, where security forces were able, during the past 24 hours to establish their control. The operations, aimed at relieving the situation in Hit and its surroundings, have driven the gunmen to open a front leading into central Ramadi, but a massive response by the security forces succeeded in repelling the attack.

In Fallujah, exchanges of bombardment and fierce clashes continued today between the security forces outside the city line and the ISIL gunmen within the city.

The Anbar humanitarian situation is now the worst since more than 9 months. All roads have been cut, and it is not possible to enter or leave the residential districts, and residents are worried about the complete absence of food and fuel. The increase in military operations is also threatening to compound the looming humanitarian catastrophe. 

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