Tuesday, November 25, 2014

25 November 2014

The most significant development as of this hour today has been the operation launched by ISIL in the center of Ramadi, where the gunmen have seized the Ramadi Education Directorate and are now less than 20 meters away from the government complex that includes the Anbar Council Seat and the other government departments, including the prison and the province's intelligence branch directorates. The fiercest clashes are now underway, following ISIL's seizure of large parts of the city's southwestern districts.

Also this evening, the Anbar Council has issued a plea, saying that the province will fall within 24 hours if the government security forces and the Iraqi air force do not intervene, given that ISIL is the closest it has ever been to the government complex in Ramadi.

Ther were also fierce clashes today around Hit which some have expected to be part of the big operation by the security forces, but these forces are still deployed outside the town and have not penetrated into it.

Baghdadi and the Ayn Al-Asad Base are now the only places where preparations are being made for the campaign to liberate the rest of Anbar.

In Fallujah today, there were also fierce clashes, including indiscriminate bombardment, mortar fire, and gunfire exchanges, especially in the districts alongside the main highway to Baghdad. At least 11 civilians have been killed in the fighting. Mortar rounds have also hit in the vicinity of the city's general hospital, causing material damage but no casualties.

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