Monday, July 27, 2015

27 July 2015

In Ramadi today, security forces have completed their control over the city's southern front, having announced that they have liberated all of Ramadi University's buildings and have reached the demarcation line of the Ta'meem district. Meanwhile, heavy equipment and reinforcements have been deployed in the city's southern sector. Security forces have also killed three would-be suicide bombers driving three explosives-rigged vehicles attempting to approach the Anbar University campus. All three vehicles were destroyed.
Security forces also launched a military operation east of Ramadi and into the areas leading to the southern sector.
In fierce clashes in Khalidiya, north of Ramadi, security forces have killed at least 35 ISIL gunmen.
Families are still making their way out of Ramadi, using access routes that have been cleared by security forces, especially from the southern and eastern sectors of the city. Meanwhile, intelligence reports indicate that ISIL gunmen are fleeing from within Ramadi toward Hit township.

In Fallujah, security forces have thwarted an ISIL attack on the Tharthar barrage area in southernmost Fallujah. Hundreds of families are still leaving the fully-surrounded city, but there are reports that the gunmen have resorted to using more than 4,000 families as human shields within the city.

Security forces are still closing in on Garma's town center and are now within about 3 kilometers from their goal.

The Jazeera and Badiya forces in western Anbar have announced that they have killed at least 17 ISIL gunmen, including 3 snipers, in the Baghdadi township when they attempted an attack on a military barracks in southwestern Baghdadi.

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