Thursday, July 9, 2015

09 July 2015

The Anbar Council announced today that more than 70% of the Saqlawiya area is now under the security forces’ control. The Council also stated that the next phase will be an assault on Fallujah to liberate it from the ISIL gunmen, reaffirming that Fallujah is now fully surrounded by security forces. Meanwhile the central and northern districts of the city have been bombarded from the air. The ongoing indiscriminate bombardment between the security forces and the ISIL gunmen has, according to a General Hospital source, killed 7 residents, including 3 women and a child, and injured 19 others.

In Garma, security forces have killed 5 ISIL gunmen in their continuing drive to enter and liberate the town center, given that all the access roads and streets have been mined and many buildings have been rigged with explosives by the gunmen. Meanwhile, security sources have reported that their forces have liberated all of the areas between Garma twnship and the the administrative boundary with Salahuddin Province.

In Amiriyat Al-Fallujah since yesterday evening, the township has been bombarded by ISIL mortar fire. At least 30 mortar rounds have struck a number of the town’s districts, causing major structural damage within the town.

In Ramadi, strict security measures are being enforced all around the city’s perimeter, while fierce clashes have been underway in eastern Husayba and Juwayba, east of the city. Coalition and Iraqi air strikes have once again targeted a number of ISIL positions within the city: there are reports that 7 gunmen have been killed by the strikes.

In Baghdadi, strict security measures are in force, following a number of ISIL attacks during the past two days. Clashes between security forces and attacking gunmen erupted in the southwestern sector of the town where the town’s residential complex is located.

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