Tuesday, July 21, 2015

21 July 2015

In Ramadi today, security forces in the southern sector are now 200 meters away from the Anbar University campus after having cleared all of the areas to the south. The forces, supported by People's Mobilization and tribal fighters, have also taken control of the areas between the university and western Ramadi. Fighting has also been taking place in the areas separating the city's outskirts and the Euphrates in the city's northern sector. Security sources are reporting that their forces now control 80% of the areas east and northeast of the city. Meanwhile, Iraqi and Coalition air strikes have been targeting positions around the city's perimeter and other ISIL positions within the city. Security forces have reported that at least 12 gunmen were killed by the strikes. Dozens of families are still making their way out of the city in response to loudspeaker calls for such an exit, even though ISIL gunmen have still been trying to prevent the evacuation.

In Fallujah, security forces have moved their front lines closer into the city; fierce clashes erupted in the Saqlawiya area, as the government forces stretched their control over the main Fallujah-Baghdad Highway. Indiscriminate bombardments by security forces on the city's perimeter and the ISIL gunmen holding the city have, according to the General Hospital's report, killed 7 residents, including 3 women and one child, and injured at least 23 others. Meanwhile ISIL gunmen are still preventing Fallujah residents from leaving their city. The ones that succeed in leaving are heading for the Bzaybiz Bridge crossing that has been closed for four days.
The humanitarian situation there is dismal, especially during the current summer heat, as a result of the shortages of foodstuffs and the lack of relief aid.

In Amiriyat Al-Fallujah, ISIL mortar fire has again struck the town's southern reaches.

In Garma, security forces are still trying to fight their way into the town center. 

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