Wednesday, July 8, 2015

08 July 2015

In Saqlawiya and the areas around Fallujah, fierce clashes are continuing in the areas west of Fallujah, aimed at establishing a stranglehold on the ISIL-held city, prior to the awaited military operation to liberate the city.

In Garma, ISIL gunmen are preventing resident families from fleeing to safer areas outside the township, while some families have been killed while attempting to make their way out. The residential districts in Saqlawiya have been hit by mortar fire. Two families, each one consisting of 8 members were all killed by the gunmen. The mortar bombardment killed at least 23 residents, mostly women and children, and wounded at least 29 in and around Saqlawiya.

In Fallujah, the General Hospital has reported that 12 residents, including 3 women and 4 children, were killed and at least 19 were wounded by the indiscriminate bombardment exchanges between security forces holding the city’s perimeter and the ISIL gunmen occupying the city. The city’s central and northern residential districts were most affected by the incoming bombardment.

In Ramadi, security forces are still holding the entire perimeter of the city, while aerial attacks are being launched against ISIL positions and concentrations within the city’s northern and northeastern districts. Other air attacks have similarly targeted positions in the southern sector.

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