Monday, July 6, 2015

06 July 2015

In Haditha today, ISIL has launched the second attack of its kind in two days, from the east and from the northwest of the township. The attack involved six explosives-rigged vehicles that attempted to penetrate into parts of Haqlaniya and Khasfa, but security forces with Iraqi air support bombed three of the vehicles before they could reach their targets. The other three vehicles became involved in a direct confrontation. The ensuing clashes are still continuing, amid reports that ISIL forces are planning further attacks.

Also today, ISIL launched an attack on Baghdadi that lies between Hit and Haditha. Security forces repelled two attacks: from the east and from the southwest. Many mortar rounds were fired by the gunmen at the residential complex in southwestern Baghdadi. Security forces have announced that they are in control of the situation, although some skirmishes are still taking place.

Beginning last night, security forces are involved in a major military operation to liberate the Saqlawiya area in the countryside of Fallujah. They have liberated the Technical Institute building in Saqlawiya and the Saqwlawiya Bridge that links the area to Fallujah. ISIL gunmen have been preventing Saqlawiya residents from fleeing to other areas of the Province.

The Fallujah General Hospital has confirmed that 24 civilians were killed and at least 59 wounded by the indiscriminate bombardment exchanges between security forces around the city’s perimeter and the ISIL gunmen holding the city.

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