Sunday, July 26, 2015

26 July 2015

Antiterrorism units, Rapid Deployment forces, supported by People's Mobilization forces, and tribal volunteers have taken control of Anbar University in southwestern Ramadi. Security forces  advanced on the campus from four fronts, taking up positions within the campus buildings, while fighting is continuing around the campus perimeter. Security forces are reporting that they have taken control of most of the university's buildings; they have also discovered a mass grave and a number of tunnels connecting the campus with the southern and southwestern sectors of Ramadi. Forces are now advancing into the Ta'meem district, and have taken control of the areas adjacent to Ramadi's eastern sector and on to the areas across the Euphrates from Ramadi City. Also today, Iraqi and Coalition air strikes have targeted numerous positions in and around Ramadi. At least 26 ISIL gunmen have been reported killed by the strikes.

In Fallujah, security forces are still fully surrounding the city. At least 17 ISIL gunmen were killed in clashes on Fallujah's eastern front as they attempted to attack a military barracks near the Fallujah-Baghdad Highway. Iraqi and Coalition aircraft have attacked and destroyed 3 vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition and making their way toward the city's northern and northeastern sectors. Security forces are also combing all of the terrain around the city's perimeter. Meanwhile, the gunmen are still preventing families from leaving the city and have been whipping those who try to circumvent their positions within the city. 

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