Sunday, July 19, 2015

19 July 2015

In Ramadi today and after four days of fighting, security forces have been able to liberate the southern sector's Tash 1 and Tash 2 areas up to the Anbar University. Security forces and the 'Golden' Brigade  have announced that their forces are within one kilometer of the University where they have fully surrounded the campus.
Security forces have also liberated areas between Eastern Husayba and the Mudhef areas east of Ramadi. Iraqi and Coalition air craft and army artillery have also bombarded a number of ISIL-held positions along the eastern and northeastern fronts of Ramadi. The security forces have reported killing at least 72 ISIL gunmen, including 17 snipers, in the Ramadi clashes. Intelligence revealed today by Anbar Operations shows that ISIL gunmen are pulling back from the city's perimeter areas toward the Ramadi City center. Meanwhile ISIL families are evacuating the city, heading toward Hit Township. The gunmen have also blown up the 'Olympic Stadium' in Ramadi's western sector. They have also planted explosives in a number of the city's buildings that they plan to detonate as they withdraw. The gunmen are also pursuing some of their fighters who have abandoned the fight and fled.

In Fallujah, security forces have today completed the liberation of Saqlawiya Township in western Fallujah. Clashes in the city's outskirts have killed at least 12 gunmen. Meanwhile, large numbers of Fallujah families have been evacuating the city, heading for Baghdad via the Bzaybiz Bridge crossing. 15 ISIL gunmen who had infiltrated the ranks of the refugees were arrested there today and are being held by Anbar Police in Amiriyat Al-Fallujah.

In Garma, most of the town is now under security forces' control, but fierce fighting is continuing for the town's center.

In Haditha and Baghdadi, there have been clashes in the riverside areas across the Euphrates from Baghdadi and around the town's southern residential complex.

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