Thursday, April 30, 2015

30 April 2015

In Ramadi, the city’s central residential districts have been relatively calm today, with the return of 2,433 families to their homes that the security forces have surrounded with strict security measures. Meanwhile the center’s public marketplaces have been active.
Clashes have been taking place in the Sufiya and Bu-Farraj areas and toward the city’s southern sector, especially in the Hawz and nearby districts. Security forces have been able to penetrate into Sufiya but they are facing fierce resistance by the ISIL gunmen.
A number of military units and supplies have reached Ramadi and have been deployed to the northern, eastern, and the western sectors and in the area around the government complex in central Ramadi where security forces have repelled an ISIL attack; at least 8 gunmen were killed in the fighting.
Iraqi gun ships and coalition warplanes have struck targets in  the southern sector in and around the Hawz district where 3 gunmen have been reported killed.

In Fallujah, the random bombardment exchanges between security forces on the city’s perimeter and ISIL gunmen holding the city has killed at least 13 residents, including women and children, and wounded at least 12.

Military operations are still underway in Garma, with security forces now only 500 meters away from the town center.

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