Sunday, April 26, 2015

26 April 2015

In southwestern Ramadi, an army barracks was attacked by an explosives-laden vehicle, killing 7 security personnel and wounding 5 others. Security forces have repelled another surprise ISIL attack armed with light and medium weapons in the same area. There are still reports indicating ISIL’s intention to attack that area.

Meanwhile in Baghdadi, security forces have confronted since the early hours of this morning a fierce two-front ISIL attack: one was from the eastern reaches of the town and the second from the western Jubba area. The security forces’ Emergency Regiment repelled the attack, reporting that they have killed 14 of the attacking gunmen.
Iraqi gun ships and coalition warplanes have attacked a number of areas and ISIL positions. There are also reports of an imminent campaign by security forces to take control of the eastern sector of Baghdadi.

The Sufiya area east of Ramadi came under heavy bombardment and it is reported that security forces are planning to penetrate into the Sufiya in the coming hours, after Iraqi air support and coalition warplanes pave the way for them to advance.
In central Ramadi, ISIL has blown up a building housing at the Anbar University college.
Meanwhile security forces are advancing into Ramadi’s southwestern sector, particularly the Hawz district.
Also today, military reinforcements have reached the city center and the Bu-Farraj area.
Since yesterday, more than 2,000 families have returned to the central Ramadi districts.
In Tharthar, troops have parachuted into the vicinity of the Warwar Barrage held by ISIL gunmen in this extreme southwestern area of the province.

In Fallujah, two booby-trapped fuel tanker trailers were detonated by security forces on the city’s northern outskirts. At least 19 gunmen were killed by bombardments launched by security forces in the area; meanwhile, sources are reporting that there have been civilian casualties in southwestern Fallujah.

In Garma, the military operation to seize control of the town is in its second day and fierce clashes are still continuing there. 

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