Sunday, April 19, 2015

19 April 2015

A three-front military operation has been launched in the Sufiya area following the deployment of forces from the ‘Golden’ Division, Rapid Deployment units, and Anti-terrorism units around the town’s perimeter. Reports from Anbar Operations and Anbar Police indicate that these forces have successfully taken control of 50% of the Sufiya areas and Street 100 that runs along the northern sector of Ramadi where security forces have taken control of the city center areas.
Since the early hours of this morning the government complex in the city center has been under attack from the southern sector by ISIL gunmen, but security forces with Iraqi air support have successfully repelled the attack, killing dozens of the attacking gunmen.
Military operations are still underway in the Bu-Farraj area where security forces have secured 60% of the area. Iraqi air support and coalition warplanes have also carried out sorties on targets in Bu-Farraj and its surrounding areas.
Major military reinforcements have arrived today in Ramadi, including equipment, vehicles, weapons, and ammunition.

In Baghdadi, military operations are continuing following the ISIL gunmen’s success in penetrating into the town. Security forces are still repelling the gunmen’s attacks. Iraqi air support and coalition warplanes have also attacked positions in the town’s eastern areas.

Thousands of families are still migrating across the Bzaybiz footbridge into the capital, Baghdad.

Amiriyat al-Fallujah is still experiencing severe humanitarian hardship because incoming aid is so insufficient, according to migrants who have fled the eastern and northeastern sectors of Ramadi.

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