Wednesday, April 15, 2015

15 April 2015

ISIL gunmen have launched a major assault on the areas to the northeast of Ramadi and taken control of a number of towns and villages in the area. At least 13 security forces personnel were killed during the attack following the withdrawal of army units and the people’s militias. Meanwhile heavy fighting is continuing by the local tribal fighters and police forces. Thousands of families have been evacuating Ramadi’s central districts, making their way to Habbaniya and to Baghdad. Meanwhile military equipment and four army regiments have reached Ramadi to take part in stopping the ISIL advances into the city. There are unconfirmed reports that ISIL has executed a number of local residents, particularly in the Bu-Ghanim area where local fighters had put up stiff resistance.

Clashes accompanied by coalition air strikes and Iraqi air support have enabled security forces to move into the city’s southern sector. Reports indicate that the gunmen are in control of the southern Bu-Ghanim area that has seen many families abandoning their homes.

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