Saturday, April 18, 2015

18 April 2015

Following the successes by the security forces in repelling a number of  ISIL attacks in Ramadi’s central and northern sectors, meanwhile, ISIL has launched repeated attacks in the city’s southern sector, and also from the northeastern sector.
Huge quantities of military equipment and vehicles have reached the Habbaniya Base east of Ramadi. In addition to the four regiments that reached Ramadi yesterday, a further 6 regiments are expected to reach central Ramadi today, to take part in a four-pronged incursion into central Ramadi and to liberate the whole city.
In Baghdadi, a major attack has been launched by ISIL forces; they detonated two booby-trapped Hummers and another large vehicle at the entrance to the town and moved in toward the town center.
Iraqi air support and coalition warplanes have struck a number of positions, but the security situation there is still grave. Most Baghdadi families have migrated from their homes and are now in the desert region between Baghdadi and Haditha, after they were stopped by ISIL from moving into Hit.
The Zaybiz crossing linking Anbar Province with the capital, Baghdad, is still being crossed by thousands of families, after earlier problems and delays were overcome. Most of those arriving are suffering from exhaustion. 

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