Saturday, April 25, 2015

25 April 2015

Today, ISIL gunmen have occupied the Tharthar Barrage in southern Anbar. ISIL launched an attack on a military barracks manned by the Iraqi army’s 1st Division, and then took control of the other barracks after bombarding the positions.  Fierce fighting ensued, but the security forces have been calling for more than a week for military reinforcement and supplies to these barracks, but no aid has been forthcoming. Security sources have reported that at least 141 army and security personnel were killed in the fighting, among them the 1st Division’s commanding officer, Brig.-Gen. Hassan Abbas, and a regimental commander. ISIL gunmen have taken control of all the areas between al-Thathar and Fallujah. Meanwhile Iraqi gun ships and coalition warplanes have struck a number of positions in these areas and security forces have announced that at least 30 gunmen were killed.

At the Treybil border crossing on the Iraqi-Jordanian border, ISIL gunmen using 3 explosives-laden vehicles have killed at least 5 security personnel were killed and at least 11 were wounded in the attack.

Meanwhile, military operations are at their fiercest in the eastern Ramadi Sufiya area where security forces have penetrated into the town byt ISIL gunmen have counterattacked.

In the southern sector of Ramadi, security forces have taken control of the Hawz district and a number of other districts in southern Ramadi. Security forces have succeeded in penetrating into the Bu-Farraj area north of Ramadi where broad military operations are still underway. Iraqi gun ships and coalition warplanes have carried out numerous strikes on the areas along Ramadi’s perimeter.

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