Sunday, April 5, 2015

05 April 2015

An Interior Ministry delegation arrived today in Anbar, led by Muwaffaq Abdul-Hadi, the senior Deputy Minister at the Ministry. Upon arrival the delegation met with security commanders, the local government, and the Province’s Governor. The governor confirmed that large quantities of supplies and equipment will be arriving in Anbar, prior to announcement of the launch of the biggest military operation to liberate the province, similar to the military operation in Salahuddin Province and the liberation of Tikrit.

On the ground military operations are underway today in northeastern Ramadi, especially in the areas between the town of Zangura and the main highway into Ramadi. Iraqi air strikes have also attacked areas across the highway, killing 9 ISIL gunmen according to security sources. Meanwhile some clashes have taken place between Khalidiya in eastern Ramadi and the ‘Japanese Bridge’ leading to Garma. Iraqi air strikes have also targeted ISIL pockets on the outskirts of Garma. A military source has reported that at least 34 gunmen were killed in the eastern Ramadi/Garma area.

Late last night, the deputy Anbar Governor, Faleh al Issawi, announced that ISIL has committed yet another crime against the people of Al-Qa’im township in western Ramadi, by executing at least 25 young men, having accused them of cooperating with security forces. Observers say that the population there have begun forming armed groups to fight against the gunmen, raising ISIL concers and leading to the executions.

Amiriyat al-Fallujah is still under mortar fire today; 4 residents have been killed and 12 wounded by the bombardment that has been continuous since yesterday. Most of the victims have been women and children.

In Fallujah, at least 30 mortar rounds have struck the city’s central and southern districts. A General Hospital source has reported that 3 residents including a woman have been killed, and 7 wounded by the random bombardment exchanges. 

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