Tuesday, September 30, 2014

30 September 2014

The Anbar Council today issued a warning about the fate of more than 240 military personnel surrounded in the Hamidiya (aka Hamidhiyah) area in northeastern Ramadi. The Council is warning of a third massacre, similar to that which took place at Camp Speicher in Tikrit where the surrounded soldiers were massacred. The Hamidiya area is completely cut off on all sides. The surrounded forces have been resisting fiercely whenever ISIL forces try to advance toward their positions.

The security situation within Ramadi today has escalated as a result of the clashes taking place in a number of the city's central districts. In the rural areas across the river, intermittent clashes are continuing, and we do not yet have any casualty reports.

In Fallujah, a number of the city's residential districts have been bombarded. 2 residents have been confirmed killed and and 7 wounded.

In Garma, an Anbar Operations source has confirmed that British warplanes have carried out sorties over Garma and Fallujah, both of which are still under ISIL gunmen's control and surrounded by government forces.

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