Monday, September 29, 2014

29 September 2014

Following the seizure by ISIL gunmen of three central Ramadi districts, the area has been completely surrounded by security forces today. There have been fierce clashes and the armed forces have been advancing. An Anbar Police source says that one of the districts (Al-Andalus) has been re-taken. Clashes have also been reported along the banks of the Euphrates across from Ramadi. The source added that at least 11 gunmen, mainly Arab nationals,  have been killed. Bombardment of Al-Hamidhiyah, northeast of Ramadi,  has also killed 6 gunmen and destroyed 4 vehicles.

In Fallujah today, a preliminary casualty count shows that 3 residents have been killed and 9 wounded by bombardments and clashes between the armed groups that are still in control of Fallujah and security forces along the city's perimeter. Numerous residential districts have been bombarded, resulting in widespread damage to electricity distribution facilities and depriving the city of electrical power.

In Al-Sichir, there are contradictory reports about clashes there and regarding the fate of the surrounded military personnel and those that have been captured by the gunmen. Both Sichir and Saqlawiya have been totally isolated with noone allowed to enter or leave either of them. The Anbar Police Command is holding the Operations Command responsible for what is taking place there. There have been calls today in Ramadi for the replacement of the Anbar Operations Commander as a result of what are being described as military errors that resulted in the army personnel being surrounded, and for the sudden seizure by the gunmen of areas precipitously abandoned by the military.

In Garma, some of its districts have come under mortar and rocket attacks, causing numerous civilian casualties, according to the town's general hospital.

The townships in western Anbar are still being held by the armed groups. A short time ago, the border areas along the Syrian border were bombarded, but we do not yet have any details of the action.

In Haditha, the town is relatively quiet following the seizure of the initiative there by security forces.

The displaced persons in Kubaysa who had fled there from Ramadi and Fallujah have been telling RFI today about their plight in the tents they are sheltering in, particularly with the approach of winter, and all the shortages they experiencing.

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