Friday, September 26, 2014

26 September 2014

Fallujah and vicinity:
Heavy bombardment has struck numerous residential districts in Fallujah. The General Hospital has confirmed that 3 residents have killed and 15 wounded.

Meanwhile, eyewitness reports are indicating that U.S. warplanes have struck a number of areas adjacent to Fallujah in Garma. The town's hospital confirms that 2 children have been killed and 4 wounded. Anbar Security sources  have neither confirmed nor denied that it was U.S. planes that attacked Garma. The strikes took place during the night and the same eyewitnesses say that Iraqi warplanes also carried out attacks on Garma, Sichir, and Saqlawiya where clashes are ongoing, with the army calling in air strikes in an attempt at dislodging the gunmen that have been holding those areas for nearly 9 months.

Recent Saqlawiya massacre:
In Saqlawiya, the Anbar Police commander-in-chief has confirmed that 151 army personnel were killed in the Saqlawiya fighting, in what he described as a 'security setback'. Meanwhile, wide swaths in the area are still under the control of the gunmen, while security forces are also controlling the surrounding land.

A big security operation has been underway since last night in the rural areas across the river from Ramadi,. Security and police sources are saying that their forces are making gains in the area that was re-taken by the gunmen following the unexpected withdrawal of government forces.

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