Thursday, September 11, 2014

11 September 2014

A source at the General Hospital has announced that 15 people have been killed and 14 wounded by the aerial bombardment of the city's residential districts between last night and this morning, in the worst casualty count for more than a month.

The situation is no different to that of Fallujah: 7 residents have been killed and 13 wounded by the bombardment of the town's residential districts, especially in the areas along the river between the town and Fallujah. 

Haditha and surroundings:
U.S. airstrikes have been reported on the areas around the Haditha township, but there have not yet been any casualty reports.

In the western townships of Hit and Baghdadi, the situation is relatively quieter than it has been in recent days.

Military operations have been underway in the city's northern sector along the banks of the Euphrates.

New school year:
School pupils and students have stayed away from their schools to, especially in Ramadi and Fallujah, because of the security situation and the fact that most of the residents have left their homes to seek safety elsewhere.

Some people are saying that deals are being worked out in political circles to replace the Anbar Governor who is receiving medical treatment in Jordan, while others are reporting that his health condition has sufficiently improved to allow him to return to resume his duties 'in next few days or months'.

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