Thursday, September 25, 2014

25 September 2014

The most significant security development today is that U.S. warplanes have carried out strikes against targets in the Hit area, about 59 kms from Ramadi. The strikes have killed the ISIL military field commander in Anbar, Abu Omar al-Musili (aka al-Maslawi, both meaning "originally from Mosul") and 10 others who were with him.

According to security sources, French warplanes have also launched sorties and airstrikes on targets around Garma.

Cellphone services were cut yesterday in the Garma and Fallujah region where clashes are continuing between gunmen entrenched in various buildings and residential homes and the security forces surrounding the areas.

The western border regions between Iraq and Syria at Qaim (bordering with Albu Kamal city in Syria) were also targeted by military aircraft believed to be U.S. aircraft.

Anbar Council member, Adnan al-Dahi, today called on the central government to replace the Anbar Operations Command that has been widely held as being responsible for the sudden and unexpected withdrawal of forces from a number of areas, allowing ISIL forces to move in and occupy them. The Council also called for exempting areas with an ISIL gunmen presence from the 'no-bombardment' decision, even in residential districts that have effectively been abandoned by their residents.

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