Tuesday, September 9, 2014

09 September 2014

There have been many escalations of the security situation today, particularly in Anbar's western regions:
Haditha has been the scene of military operations and airstrikes. A Military Command spokesman has announced that 34 ISIL gunmen have been killed and 9 of their vehicles have been set ablaze.
The local Haditha municipality head has confirmed that the security situation is under control and that it is the security forces who are in control on the ground in Haditha township and its surroundings.
U.S. warplanes have also struck targets in the vicinity of the Haditha Dam.
Since last night and through noon today U.S. military aircraft have attacked a number of other targets, particularly in the townships of Ana and Rawa.

In Fallujah, loud explosions have been heard as a result of the government bombardment of the central and northern districts in the city. Nine residents have been reported killed and 23 wounded.

In Al-Garma, 2 residents were killed and 8 were wounded in the bombardment of the time since last night and through noontime today.

Military operations are still continuing in Ramadi, after Federal police forces regained control of the areas along the main highway linking Iraq with its western neighbors. Large numbers of security forces have been deployed along this highway that stretches over several hundred kilometers.

The Deputy head of the Anbar Council, Saleh Al-Issawy, has confirmed that the Anbar Governor was injured several days ago in Birwana and that he has undergone successful surgery and that his condition is now stable, and that he might be able to return to Anbar in the coming days.

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