Monday, September 22, 2014

22 September 2014

There has been an escalation of the security situation, especially in two areas. Firstly in Sichir, northeast of Fallujah, fierce military operations have been continuing since last night and into this afternoon; ISIL gunmen have clashed with the security forces surrounding the area; we do not yet have reports about the outcome nor do we have any casualty figures.
In Saqlawiya, west of Fallujah, military operations and mortar bombardments and rocket exchanges have also been continuing since last night.

In the area of Ramadi that is home to the Abu Risha clan, ISIL gunmen last night killed 7 civilians in that area.

Today the situation is complicated by the lack of information and the rumors about the fate of more than 400 military personnel in the Sichir and Saqlawiya fighting.

Intelligence supported by local residents have reportedly captured an ISIL cell in an ambush set by security forces in Rawa. There are also reports today that 4 ISIL leaders have been killed in Ramadi following the clearance of the 7 km. District in the city yesterday. Other ISIL elements are also being hunted down in the western part of Hit, but new leaflets have been distributed in the areas still under ISIL control, including Baghdadi, warning anyone cooperating with the security forces would be put to death.

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