Tuesday, September 23, 2014

23 September 2014

The most significant developments between last night and this afternoon involve three areas: Fallujah, Saqlawiya to the east of Fallujah, and Sichir to the northeast.

The city has been targeted all night by mortar fire and several central and northern residential districts have been bombarded. The city's general hospital has announced that 13 residents have been killed and 23 wounded.

There are contradictory reports about who is controlling this area, but a security source at the Anbar Command has said that security operations to re-take the area are still underway there following air strikes. Some social media video postings are showing ISIL gunmen exhibiting military vehicles they have captured in the Sichir and Saqlawiya fighting yesterday and the day before.

Clashes have resumed this morning and there have also been effective air strikes according to the security source, enabling the security forces to re-take vital parts of the area.

There have been clashes in the areas across the Euphrates; intermittent clashes are still taking place there. Security forces are affirming that they have re-taken the Sab'a Kelo ("Kilometer Seven") housing compound west of the city and are in control there.

Today, the head of the Anbar Council, Sabah Karhut al-Halbusi, announced that the highway between Fallujah and Samarra is now totally secure and is being guarded by army checkpoints. He called on the families that have been displaced to Samarra to return along this highway. He also
stated that the Fallujah-Baghdad highway would also be re-opened to traffic in both directions.

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