Sunday, September 28, 2014

28 September 2014

Most important between last night and this afternoon has been the seizure by the gunmen of three central Ramadi districts that had been - as recently as a week ago - controlled by security forces. Fierce clashes led to the withdrawal of the security forces,
leaving the districts in the gunmen's hands. Clashes have also been taking place in the areas across the river Euphrates.

The local government of Anbar province has called for a visit by the Migration and Displaced Persons' Minister, because the displaced people of Anbar have not yet received the 1 million Dinar (some 850 dollars) grant promised 5 months ago, and are facing further hardship with the approach of winter.

Today, some of the fiercest ever clashes and heaviest bombardment of residential districts killed 13 residents and wounded 19 others.

Gunmen have also attempted to seize control of Amiriyat al-Fallujah (also known as just Amiriya) and the adjacent areas south of Fallujah. Iraqi warplanes have struck gunmen positions. Security sources are saying that 12 gunmen were killed, including an ISIL field commander.

Military operations are still continuing and there have been clashes between security forces and ISIL gunmen.

The bombardment of the town yesterday has wounded 2 residents; many residential homes being used by the gunmen were also damaged and burned.

In Anbar's western regions, security forces are in full control of the township's desert regions.

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