Saturday, March 28, 2015

28 March 2015

The three-day old military operations are continuing east of Ramadi at and near the ‘Japanese Bridge’ that connects Ramadi with the Garma township. Iraqi air sorties have attacked targets around the town’s outskirts killing at least 23 ISIL gunmen, as reported by Anbar Operations sources. Security forces have also disarmed and disabled at least 3 of their booby-trapped vehicles.

Meanwhile, military operations are still underway across the Euphrates from northeastern Ramadi where security forces have repelled an ISIL attack in those rural areas.

Within Ramadi, security forces have overnight turned back an ISIL attack in the southern Hawz district and the adjoining districts. At least 3 gunmen were killed when they attempted to assault a military barracks. Security forces are now in control of most of the city’s southern sector. There were also clashes in the areas between Ramadi and Khalidiya where Anbar Police sources are reporting that the area is under their control.

Security forces in the Baghdadi area have successfully repelled an ISIL attack. The areas between Baghdadi and Haditha are fully under the security forces’ control. Meanwhile large quantities of foodstuffs and fuel have been delivered to Haditha.

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