Monday, March 23, 2015

23 March 2015

In Garma, security forces today killed at least 13 ISIL gunmen in fierce clashes in the eastern and northeastern parts of the town. The forces strengthened their hold on all the roads and accesses in the town and that effort is continuing, in preparation for the imminent assault on the town. Anbar and Baghdad Operations have pointed out that there are still civilian families in the town and hindering the assault on the town. They have been called on residents to leave before the expected troop advance. The southwestern sector of the town has also been secured. The areas between Garma and the outskirts of Baghdad have also been secured.
Meanwhile, the Anbar Operations Commander, Gen. Qassem al Mihimdi, announced that seccurity forces have today launched two operations; one has been in the areas between Ramadi and Fallujah; the second has been in the areas northeast of Ramadi, along the opposite banks of the Euphrates. Iraqi air support in the area has also killed at least 19 gunmen.

In Ramadi, there have been two ISIL attacks today: the first aimed at taking the Antiterrorist Forces HQ in westernmost Ramadi, but the attack was turned back and a number of booby-trapped vehicles have been destroyed. The second attack came in the southwestern Hawz district, but this was also repelled by security forces and a number of gunmen were killed.

In Fallujah, a general hospital source has announced that 2 residents have been killed and 5 wounded by the continuing random bombardment exchanges that have struck several of the city's residential districts.

In Baghdadi, the situation is practically normal and relief aid has been reaching the township, as well as the Haditha area. Meanwhile, gunmen are still occupying areas across the Euphrates from Baghdadi, and are randomly targeting the residential areas with mortar fire.

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