Sunday, March 8, 2015

08 March 2015

In Garma, Security forces are still waging fierce battles to liberate the township from ISIL's control. There are reports that they have taken control of the Qaraghol area northeast of the town. It has also just ben announced that the security forces have also taken control of tareas in the township's southeastern sector. Anbar Operations has also announced that 43 ISIL gunmen have been killed during these military operations. Areas in the town's outskirts closest to the capital's administrative areas in Abu Ghraib have also been secured. Two bridges linking Garma with Fallujah have also been secured.

In Baghdadi, the 7th Brigade command announced today that its commanding officer, Brig.- Gen. Abdul Majeed al-Luhaibi, has been wounded in the fighting that has been continuing since yesterday evening in the Bu-Hayyat area of the township where security forces have taken control.
In Baghdadi town, virtually all of the town's districts are now controlled by security forces, including the areas on the other side of the river. Numerous mines and explosive devices have been cleared in those areas.

In Kubaysa, south of Hit, security forces are positioned along three flanks, but there have not yet been any clashes prior to the expected battle for the area's liberation. Kubaysa residents have been advised by security forces to leave the town.

In Ramadi, military operations have been continuing in the city's southern sector> ISIL forces had attempted to launch a surprise attack into the city but security forces were able to turn them back. Anbar Operations have reported that 7 gunmen, including 3 non-Iraqi Arab nationals, were killed.

In Khalidiya, the area's administrator, Ali Dawood, announced that security forces have taken control of the highway between his area and Habbaniya Township.

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