Thursday, March 26, 2015

26 March 2015

In Ramadi, security forces carrying out the military operation in the northeastern sector have succeeded in liberating another part of Garma township, and have killed at least 22 ISIL gunmen in the fierce clashes. Meanwhile, the Garma town center is still fully surrounded, and dozens of families have been evacuating the town fearing becoming caught up in the impending assault on the town. Coalition and Iraqi aircraft have carried out strikes against positions around and within Garma, At least 13 gunmen have been reported killed as a result.

In Ramadi city, ISIL gunmen attempted this morning to advance toward the city center from the southwestern sector. Iraqi air strikes have been reported by security sources as having killed at least 20 ISIL gunmen. Meanwhile clashes have resumed in the Hawz and surrounding districts, units of the ‘Golden’ Division, security forces, and tribal fighters have repelled the attack and prevented the gunmen from advancing into the city.

In Fallujah, a General Hospital source has reported that 4 residents have been killed and 11 wounded by the random bombardment exchanges between the security forces surrounding the city and the ISIL gunmen within it.

Strict security measures have been enforced around Ramadi and in the areas between Anbar and Salahuddin Provinces. Meanwhile security forces have today launched their assault on Tikrit, an important reason behind the enhanced security precautions.

In Baghdadi, heavy clashes have been raging in the areas across the Euphrates from the town, where ISIL gunmen are still maintaining their presence.

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