Sunday, March 15, 2015

15 March 2015

In Ramadi, amid a widespread military operation, large numbers of mortar rounds have struck the central residential districts, so far killing at least 2 residents and wounding 6.
In the Hawz district two car bombs were detonated, targeting military barracks; latest reports say that 5 security personnel were killed and 7 wounded,
The deputy commander of the antiterrorist force in Ramadi reported that his forces have targeted a gathering of ISIL gunmen in the southern Andalus district, killing 7 ISIL commanders.
Fierce clashes broke out when gunmen attempted to assault the city's southern sector in Hawz district, but fierce resistance by the security forces there, with Iraqi air support, have inflicted devastating losses on the attacking gunmen.
In the city's northeastern sector, security forces, with Iraqi air support have also repelled an ISIL attack on the sector, affirming that as of now they are in full control of the situation.

In Garma, military operations are continuing; a field security commander has affirmed that the first phase of the operation is over, and that the second phase is to be aimed at taking control of the opposite side of the Euphrates where there is still a presence of ISIL gunmen. It has been reported that at least 23 gunmen have been killed

Anbar Operations Command has reported that coalition warplanes have carried out sorties against ISIL targets in the area of Rawa and Anah. Iraqi air strikes have also targeted ISIL positions in the rural outskirts of Baghdadi.

Hit is still under total siege by security forces amid reports of an imminent military operation in that area.

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